Our Journey

As a group of professionals who have served in the automotive spare parts industry for long years, we decided to start our own brand in the aftermarket. Placing our head office in Konya Turkey gave us chance to access endless opportunities for our business since this region is one of the important locations in world for production of automotive spare parts.

We decided to focus on the product groups that were practiced and mastered through years by our team members. With this scope we became able to develop a wide and up to date product range including engine, compressed air system, steering suspension and brake line parts with our private brand CV-PRO Parts.

As our first step we decided mainly to focus on applications for European truck and bus brands like, DAF, FORD, IVECO, MAN, MERCEDES BENZ, RENAULT, SCANIA and VOLVO. Today we are proud to announce that we have achieved a very strong product range in the aftermarket with our matching quality parts for these brands. With time our customer demands led us to develop truck and bus parts for North, Central and South American applications . Today it would be fair to announce that our product range is highly competitive in this region too.

For light commercial vehicles we are mainly focused on engine parts for, FIAT, FORD, MERCEDES BENZ, OPEL, RENAULT and VOLKSWAGEN.

We believe that the key of our success is our management experience in the automotive industry gained through many years. The experience of our team members together reaches a total of more than 100 years in sourcing, procurement, quality management, category management, product development/management and marketing. As team we don’t keep our mind stick to the past and our motto is to take an additional step forward every single day in order to create development in our business.

All these facts put us in position of being the reliable partner for our distributors to achieve great success in the commercial vehicle spare parts business.

Our warranty conditions cover all items that we provide under our brand CV-PRO Parts. Please click button on right to see all details about our warranty policy/conditions.

Quality Assurance

our aim is to be the organization that knows what they are doing and why they are doing it…

With this mind and our strict audit procedure for all manufacturing and procurement operations we assure that all the items we supply reach high levels of quality and satisfaction for end users. All our manufacturing facilities are certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, IATF 16949 certificates.

We are working very hard to make sure that all our customers receive ultimate quality in every shipment. With this scope we have created a quality assurance policy based on three basic facts. These three facts guide us to keep track for our quality assurance targets.

key indicators for our quality assurance policy
  1. precise engineering

    We apply proactive and precisely defined engineering steps during designing , reverse engineering, product development and manufacturing.

  2. extreme tests

    We perform all essential test during product development and reverse engineering to make sure that our products reach matching quality level with OE items.

  3. efficient quality control

    We perform various kind of quality control procedures supported by high tech quality control equipment in during manufacturing and procurement operations.